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You Yangs MTB Inc
Improving and Maintaining the MTB Park

The You Yangs MTB Inc (YYMI) in conjunction with Parks Victoria has been developed to assist with the improvement and maintenance of the Mountain Bike Park.

Our goal is to build sustainable functional trails with a low impact on the environment. The Park aims to cater for all levels of Mountain Bike riding for Cross Country (XC) and Downhill (DH) trails, beginner to advance.

Did you know?

- The You Yangs MTB trails are not government funded
- We have been building and maintaining trails since 2010
- All work is done by volunteers, donations & dedication
- We are not-for profit organisation
- Our ride days & events are purely fundraisers

Contributions last financial year:

- Total Trail Volunteer Hours: 1400 (thanks to everyone who helped the crew)
- Volunteer Machine Hours on Trails: 920 (worth approx. $65k commercially)
- Machine Trail Crew: Trav, Browny & Alex (using their own equipment & machines)
- Trail & Shelter related expenses: $32k (funded via events, ride days & donations)