Shuttle Days at You Yangs

The Club runs shuttle days at least once a month at the You Yangs. Riders of all ages and abilities are welcome to book in.


These are fun social days where you can meet new people, learn skills from your fellow riders and enjoy the variety of trails at the You Yangs without having to ride up to the top of the hill.

Shuttle Village is at the bottom of track 13 (Cressy Descent). Mechanical advice and basic tool kit available for riders to use. All parking use Drysdale Road carpark. All trails remain open to ride for the general public.

All money raised from the shuttle days is invested directly back into the trails and infrastructure.

Dates are announced on our Facebook and Instagram 2 to 3 weeks in advance as it takes a dedicated group of volunteers to run these shuttle days.  The shuttle days generally run from 8am to 3pm (may change over Winter).

Registration Fee

$50.00 per adult (Club Members)
* Anyone under 15 is HALF PRICE
* Prices include lunch, drinks & Shuttles up the hill all day
* Day licenses are extra

$75.00 per adult (Non- Club Members)

Places are limited so bookings using the form below are essential. We will only accept additional people on the day if we have not booked out.


Super Enduro Weekend

  1. Tracks 6 - Lactic Acid
  2. Track 7 Travis Diamond
  3. Track 9 Boulder

All 3 tracks are compulsory.

We are proud to announce a special bonus track to the event, Track 12 Bandages or Glory.

This track will not be compulsory for overall places. Separate prizes will go to the winners of this track.


Kids Day Out Weekend

Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 June 2023

What a day this was! Thank you to all the vendors/sponsors and volunteers who made the day possible!
A day just for those younger shredders with shuttles, food and drinks while the parents can enjoy coffee. Group social and clinical sessions will be host be coaches and instructors.

2024 date to come.

Women's Clinic Weekend

Sunday 12 November 2023

A full day hosted for the women riders with shuttles, food and drinks, and activties.

A great day to meet and network with other women in the MTB community!

Registration Not Open

Cressy Descent Race Weekend

Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September 2023

  • Respect the environment

    • Ride only on open trails
    • Stay off muddy trails after rain
    • Pack out what you carry in
    • Protection of all living things
    • Control your bike & stay on the trail
    • Trails are damaged when you skid
  • Respect others

    • Respect other visitors to the forest
    • Expect anything around the corner
    • Slow to approach others
    • Pass others with care
    • Everyone wants to enjoy the trails
    • Control your speed